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Insight Presents Sharp Pains MMX111

18 April 2013, 15.30 | Posted in artist collaboration, Denim, photography | No comments »

In case you haven’t seen Alex Schmidt and Daniel Shimizu’s new ‘zine featuring Inisght’s new denim collection, here’s a digital scroll through. Get the real thing with any online jeans purchase here.

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Insight Garage Art 2013

25 March 2013, 16.55 | Posted in apparel, artist collaboration | 1 comment »

Insight is getting weird again with their latest Garage Artists program. This year they’ve got Ken Kagami, Jiro Bevis, Marissa Textor, Shelby Menzel, Grace Micelli, and Niky Roehreke lined up and results are guaranteed to be rad. Look for the Garage Art t-shirt series at Insight dealers now.

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Insight Spring 2013

19 March 2013, 19.33 | Posted in apparel | 2 comments »

 Insight Spring 2013
Never a trend humping brand, Insight always walks the line behind progressively fresh and almost too out there. And they do it well. For Spring 2013 the tradition continues with a collection that’s got a mix of colors and patterns to pop but classic styles to chill. Available at Insight dealers and online now, hit the jump for more looks.

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Babe of Insight: Emily Ratajkowski

15 February 2013, 14.02 | Posted in girls | 1 comment »

 Babe of Insight: Emily Ratajkowski
Our friends at Insight have gone ahead and made our day, actually our whole weekend, with the announcement that Emily Ratajkowski is an official “Babe of Insight.” If you don’t know this beauty with the unpronounceable last name, hit the jump for a NSFW introduction from Treats Magazine. Just prepare to have your mind blown first.

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Insight Fall/Holiday 2013

03 January 2013, 19.36 | Posted in apparel | 2 comments »

INSIGHT1 540x285 Insight Fall/Holiday 2013
Even though the new year is only three days old, in the futuristic word of fashion it’s already next Christmas. With that in mind we bring you this not so sneak preview of Insight’s lines for Fall and Holiday 2013. From the looks of it, they have the year pretty dialed. Hit the jump for more.

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Insight Holiday 2012

13 December 2012, 05.18 | Posted in apparel | 1 comment »

You might not have a lot of time to wear selections from Insight’s new holiday 2012 collection with December 21 coming and all, but at least you can go out in style. Collection is in stores now.

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Insight x Otis Carey

08 November 2012, 11.25 | Posted in boardshorts, surfing | No comments »

Insight has enlisted surfer and artist Otis Carey to create a signature boardshort. The design, dubbed the “Snake Brain Mid” is available in the southern hemisphere now and will hit the north for summer 2013. Check out the video above and hit the jump for some product shots.

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Insight | Split Your Jeans, But Don’t Break Your Dick

05 September 2012, 20.35 | Posted in apparel, craze | No comments »

One reason we love Insight is that they really, as in truly, do not give a fuck. Oh, and they make dope jeans.


Agenda LB | Insight Skull Candle New Colors

03 August 2012, 11.31 | Posted in Accessories | No comments »

photo 8 Agenda LB | Insight Skull Candle New Colors
We’ve been a huge fan of Insight’s Collectables since they came out last year, and of the skull in particular so were stoked to see some new colors for the cranium candle this week at Agenda.


Insight Candles

29 November 2011, 20.08 | Posted in Accessories | 2 comments »

gun 540x386 Insight Candles
Insight, who consistently come with the raddest shit despite being a semi “mainstream” brand has done it again with a sick collection of candles. Marking the launch of the brand’s “Collectables” line, the candles are made from real wax and come in shapes like eagle skull, human heart, doll’s torso, bones, molotov cocktail, guns and more. See more after the jump. The complete line drops soon here.

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