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RedBull | Peaking: Jamie Sterling

28 March 2013, 19.37 | Posted in surfing, videos | 1 comment »

Almost no-one really knows what its like to drop in on a massive swell except the few individuals on the planet brave enough to do so. Towards that end RedBull has a new 6 part web series debuting today called “Peaking,” a set of first person stories from the world’s gnarliest big wave riders. In episode one check out Jamie Sterling as he gets ready and ultimately disappointed at the last Mavericks’s Invitational, it will give you a whole new perspective on what these guys go through.

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Redbull | Inspired By Ollies: Skateboarding in the Dominican Republic

25 March 2013, 11.53 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Redbull skateboarder, Luis Tolentino recently returned back to his homeland of the Domincian Republic along with the Harold Hunter Foundation to meet and empower local skaters and encourage the next generation with workshops and donated practice gear. In part 1 of the 3 part series check out Luis and his crew as they arrive in DR and get their mission started.

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Redbull | Torey Pudwill in NYC

07 September 2012, 15.08 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

After Manny Mania, Torey Pudwill decided to soak up some more of NYC and explore the buroughs with his Redbull teammates Joey Brezinski, Zered Bassett, Ron Deily and Luis Tolentino. Peep the spots they hit in this edit from our homie RB Umali.

Redbull | Manny Mania Teaser Edit

15 August 2012, 13.40 | Posted in Skateboarding, videos | No comments »

Red Bull’s Manny Mania rolls into New York City this weekend (August 18-19), so Joey Brezinski linked up with Luis Tolentino, Zered Bassett, and Ron Deily for a chill session around the city. Peep the edit and get ready for the mania that is about to unfold. Filmed and edited by RB Umali.

RedBull | Bomb the Line Berlin

11 July 2012, 23.49 | Posted in contests, Skateboarding, videos | 1 comment »

RedBull popped off a dope “downhill” street contest in Berlin last weekend which was promptly won by none other than Shane O’Neill. Not the easiest feat considering he had tough competition including Chris Pfanner, Lem Villemin, Benny Fairfax and more. Peep the winning recap above.

Redbull | Nicolas Müller Is Keeping It Real

10 February 2012, 13.30 | Posted in snowboarding, videos | No comments »

‎In this edit from Redbull Nicolas Müller talks about what snowboarding means to him. He’s not after medals and perfect scores but good times with friends and progression are atop his list. Ya Dig!?

Redbull | Supernatural Teaser Video

12 January 2012, 13.26 | Posted in Competitions, snowboarding, videos | No comments »

Travis Rice is at it again, but this time with a snowboarding competition that takes place in an ultimate backcountry course with more than 100 man-made features located at the Baldface Lodge, Nelson, BC. Supernatural is going to be some next level shit. Look for it to go down February 3- 18.

Redbull | Batalla de Trafalgar Edit

12 October 2011, 19.21 | Posted in kitesurf, videos | No comments »

While kiteboarding is not nearly as poetic en masse, its still rad to see the regatta-like atmosphere and massive air taking place at Redbull’s Batalla de Trafalgar event in Caños de Meca, Spain. There also looks to be some topless action going on on the beach there but there’s only a hint in this edit, oh well.

Redbull x SHUT | Luis Tolentino Day

08 August 2011, 19.16 | Posted in Skateboarding | No comments »

Stepping up their support of Queens’ ollie king, Redbull got together with SHUT for a day with Luis Tolentino at the SHUT Skate Mechanics store. Not only did Luis give some love to the next generation but he also acid dropped off the top of the Redbull truck right on Orchard street.

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Redbull Stratos

22 January 2010, 14.17 | Posted in WTF | No comments »

Wow, Redbull is really buggin with this one. Not content to risk life and limb of their terrestrial athletes, they are taking their next stunt to space, or at least to the edge of it. Professional lunatic Felix Baumgartner is going to take a solo balloon up 120,000 feet so that he can freefall down at supersonic speed in the hopes that he will break the record for highest freefall set by Airforce pilot Joe Kittinger in 1960. Now that is some gnarly shit.