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Subrosa in Atlanta | Unseen Clips Vol. 1

09 August 2013, 13.28 | Posted in bmx, videos | 1 comment »

This dope outtake from Subrosa in Atlanta shows the unique kind of city that ATL is. Peep Kyle Hart beatbox for Sammy Cash while Scott Ditchburn gets loose all at 2 in the morning in the middle of the A.

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Subrosa in Atlanta

02 August 2013, 11.12 | Posted in bmx, videos | 2 comments »

Subrosa recently took the whole team on a trip to Atlanta and from the looks of this banger edit, they hit everything in town except the strip club. Peep Simone Barraco, Nick Bullen, Joris Coulomb, Scott Ditchburn, Kyle Hart, Lahsaan Kobza, and Mark Mulville do it huge in the ATL.

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Subrosa | Hazard County Park Session

10 July 2013, 15.48 | Posted in bmx, videos | 96 comments »

The Subrosa team is so heavy that a random rainy day inside of Hazard County Park in Atlanta can turn into an edit that blows away pretty much anything another team could film in a year. 100% hammers.

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Subrosa | Simone Barraco Noster Build

12 February 2013, 12.01 | Posted in Bikes, bmx, videos | 3 comments »

If you want to ride like a pro, you gotta be able to build like a pro. Check out Simone Barraco putting together his new Noster Frame from Subrosa before doing what he does best – tearing shit up.

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Subrosa | Forever Wallet x iPhone 5 Case

17 October 2012, 15.43 | Posted in Accessories, bmx | 1 comment »

Subrosa has gone the classic route for their entry into the iPhone market. The Forever Wallet is made from rugged leather and features pockets for cash and cards as well as your phone. Get it here now. Detailed images after the jump.

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Subrosa | Simone Barraco Loot Edit

21 November 2011, 20.29 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Since going pro, Simone Barraco has been doing nothing but throwing down hammers. Here he is doing it again during a private session at The Vault. We especially like the throwback Non-Phixion instrumental.

Subrosa | Lahsaan Kobza Safe Spot Edit

31 October 2011, 17.31 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Lahsaan Kobza plays it anything but safe in this new edit from Subrosa at the Safe Spot Skate Spot in Phoenix. Man it looks nice and warm in Arizona.


Subrosa 2011 Softgoods

23 June 2011, 16.16 | Posted in bmx | No comments »

Subrosa has dropped their softgoods catalog for Fall 2011, a tight mix of graphic t’s, hats, hoodies, and accessories. As always, the graphics are the strongest in the BMX game, period. The collection hits dealers this July.


Subrosa | Kyle Hart & Scott Ditchburn Edit

18 May 2011, 11.34 | Posted in bmx, videos | No comments »

Subrosa just dropped this fresh edit of Kyle Hart and Scott Ditchburn goin in at Hollenbeck Plaza in LA after a hard night of drinking. It doesn’t look like the boozing slowed them down a bit.

Subrosa 2012 Lookbook

19 April 2011, 18.03 | Posted in Bikes, bmx | No comments »

Subrosa has just dropped their 2012 lookbook, another game changing collection of dirt, street, and fixed gears. Check out the entire catalog above and look for the 2012 completes to hit Subrosa dealers this summer.